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Tokyo, Japan

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Sushi omakase served by chef Kimura, known as the “father of aged sushi”.This was definitely one of the highlights of the entire trip and truly eye opening for us. At this small counter you get served around 10 otsumamis, 12 nigiris, tamago and one dessert. The chef, Koji Kimura, is lovely and fun, offering a more relaxed vibe than perhaps other sushiyas where it’s a bit more serious. Koji Kimura, as mentioned, is known as the “father of aged sushi”, aging some fish up to 50 days, like his famous swordfish nigiri, and this is probably the main characteristic that makes this sushiya different from the others.Now, let’s show you some of the dishes we had:* Nigiri of Aori Ika from Mie aged 1 week.* Ankimo, peanuts & chili.* Smoked Hokkigai and a pinch of salt.* Shirako risotto & pepper.* Watarigani marinated in brandy and its inners for 6 weeks, sishito and sancho pepper.* Nigiri of Shima ebi from Hokkaido aged 3 days.* Nigiri of Needle fish (sayori) aged 1 week.* Nigiri of Sujiko aged in soy sauce 10 days.* Nigiri of Iwashi aged 1 week.* Nigiri of Swordfish (makajiki) aged 55 days.This was our first sushiya of the trip and it really left an impression on us, we can still remember pretty much every bite, the more intense shari, the perfect temperatures, just a once in a lifetime experience for us.

3-chōme-21-8 Tamagawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo 158-0094, Japan

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