Community Guidelines

At the World of Mouth, we focus on places you would recommend to a good friend.

To maintain the quality of the service, we kindly ask all users to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • If you wouldn't recommend a place, don't write about it. All negative recommendations will be deleted.
  • We don't use ratings (stars or points). 
  • Don’t recommend a place you work for or own.
  • Please write in English.

Tips for creating a good recommendation:

To ensure quality, please follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Describe what is great about this restaurant and why it's worth visiting.
  • Mention a few must-try dishes from the menu.
  • If the place is not for everybody, be open about it.
  • If there was something you didn't like, you can mention it, but be constructive.
  • Share pictures of the food and the restaurant, interior or exterior.

That's it.

Enjoy exploring World of Mouth and keep on recommending the restaurants you love, helping them gain the visibility they deserve!

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