Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who creates the content in the World of Mouth?

A: The content is created by the WoM community and its members. The content is continuously growing and curated.

Q: Are there ratings in the World of Mouth?

A: No, we do not rate restaurants, as all restaurants recommended are excellent restaurants.

Q: What kind of restaurants are recommended?

A: All kinds of great restaurants, from simple taquerias to Michelin starred iconic restaurants, all recommended by the community members.

Q: What should I do after joining?

A: Add your favourite restaurants that you have visited and swipe the ones you'd like to visit to your personal wishlist. Then search for old and new friends to follow and share your recommendations with. 

Q: What kind of restaurants should I add to my recommendations?

A: Any restaurant you would recommend to a good foodie friend.

Q: Will the content I create be used for any commercial and non-commercial purpose without my permission?

A: None of your content will be used for any purpose without your permission.

Q: Is there some hidden agenda behind the World of Mouth?

A: No. The World of Mouth is an independent company owned by a small group of hardcore foodies. We have no sponsors and no advertising in our app.