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Our mission

We were constantly asked to share advice on where to eat. As there was no app, website or social media that met our needs, we decided to create one. World of Mouth is an independent company owned by a group of foodies. By sharing recommendations in the app, we help people to eat out better and great restaurants to thrive in every
corner of the world.

The experts

The core of World of Mouth is the global restaurant experts consisting of chefs, food writers and foodies. This hand-picked group includes the World’s most trusted culinary experts who are passionate about finding and sharing their best restaurant experiences. All recommendations are personally written by the experts and are never manipulated. This is what makes the World of Mouth the World’s most reliable and up-to-date restaurant guide.

How it works

World of Mouth is an app with all the features you could wish for finding a great restaurant. The app offers a constantly updated feed of recommendations written by the World of Mouth experts. The recommendations include pictures, map location and all other necessary restaurant information and links. You can also write your own recommendations to share with your friends and create a wishlist for the restaurants you’d like to visit in the future.

Invitation only

To get started with the World of Mouth app, you'll need an invitation or you can apply for one here. The app is available in the App Store and GooglePlay.