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Authentic Chinese dining experience in Berlin: UUU - Chinese Dining impresses with exquisite dishes.UUU - Chinese Dining, a hidden gem in Berlin's Wedding district, offers a truly authentic Chinese dining experience. With a modest exterior, the dining room reveals an intimate setting with a circular table that seats around 10 guests. Yuhang Wu and Jonas Borchers, the hosts and chefs, take diners on a cultural and culinary adventure through China.The menu consists of eight carefully crafted courses, showcasing dishes from different regions of China. Each course is presented with elegance, served in beautiful porcelain dishes. The flavors are balanced, and the portions are well-proportioned. Standout dishes include the delicate seared scallop with bergamot and Imperial caviar, the crispy Shipin-Tofu with Sichuan pepper and mushrooms, and the flavorful Guobaorou, featuring sweet and sour Marans chicken breast wrapped in puffed buckwheat.The dining experience at UUU is enhanced by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the hosts. Jonas prepares a variety of teas and homemade kombucha, explaining their significance with each course. Yuhang's expertise shines through in the desserts, such as the Thai basil ice cream with coconut foam and soy meringue, and the soft mochi filled with milk tea cream and caramelized pecans.Beyond the culinary delights, UUU - Chinese Dining offers an opportunity for guests to connect with like-minded individuals. The intimate setting encourages conversations and creates a unique and engaging atmosphere.For those seeking an authentic Chinese dining experience in Berlin, UUU - Chinese Dining is a must-visit. Prepare to be captivated by the flavors, traditions, and cultural insights that Yuhang and Jonas lovingly present in each dish.

Chinese fine dining with nine seats and eight-course menu for dinner

Sprengelstraße 15, 13353 Berlin, Germany

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