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Restaurant Macionga

Berlin, Germany

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Restaurant Macionga

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Restaurant Macionga: Berlin's exciting new culinary hotspot with a unique concept by André Macionga.Restaurant Macionga, located in Berlin Wilmersdorf, is one of the most exciting new openings of the year. Founded by André Macionga, renowned sommelier, and Sebastian Leyer, talented chef, the restaurant introduces a unique and hard-to-categorize concept in Berlin's competitive culinary scene. Sebastian's cuisine is rooted in sustainable regional practices, offering finely extracted flavors and unexpected combinations. The menu, named "URKRAFT," presents dishes like poached char with fermented flavors and tender braised pork cheeks with lacto-fermented vegetable cream. André's impeccable wine pairings complement the dishes perfectly. The presentation is simple, putting the focus on the star of the show—the product itself. The dessert trio includes smoked yogurt mousse, anise-fennel meringue, and honey cake, delivering a nature-inspired sweetness. The restaurant Macionga promises a delightful and innovative culinary journey, attracting both wine enthusiasts and those seeking extraordinary dining experiences in Berlin.

Xantener Str. 9, 10707 Berlin, Germany

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