Plachutta Wollzeile

Vienna, Austria

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A hearty, delicious meal of boiled beef. A must try in Vienna. Tafelspitz, boiled beef rump served with broth and an array of condiments, is the most traditional Viennese dish, next to the Wiener Schnitzel. There are a few traditional inns still serving proper Tafelspitz, but the most established and well branded temple of Tafelspitz is without doubt Plachutta. There are a few locations but go for the original restaurant on the Wollzeile street. Plenty of tourists here and yes, the restaurant follows a set, commercialized concept, but still the operation is impressive. The menu features a dozen of different cuts of boiled meat, from tongue to beef ribs, all served tableside in a copper cauldron full of broth, root vegetables and bone marrow. The condiments include apple horseradish, chive sauce, hashbrown potatoes and toasted black bread. The original Tafelspitz cut is delicious. The menu also features classics like Wienerschnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn pancakes for dessert. The slightly formal service works with almost military precision, including bringing local daily newspapers to single lunch guests.

Wollzeile 38, 1010 Wien, Austria

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