Piantao Legazpi | Parrilla Gastronómica

Madrid, Spain

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This Argentinian restaurant mainly focuses on grilled meats, and we can tell you those meats are great! We went for dinner and ordered the following: * Empanada criolla (meat cut with knife and Yasgua sauce). * Chorizo criollo. * Ojo de Bife (Ribeye). * Fried potatoes in cow fat. * Sweet potatoes glazes in cane sugar. * Dulche de Leche Alfajor with chocolate. The meat was in our opinion perfectly cooked, and the quality top notch, with a nice fat infiltration a lots of flavor! What we also loved was the wine selection they had, we picked a great Argentinian wine, and also important to mention, we thought the atmosphere was very enjoyable!

P.º de la Chopera, 69, Arganzuela, 28045 Madrid, Spain

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