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Stadera Milano - Gastronomia Contemporanea

Milan, Italy

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Stadera Milano - Gastronomia Contemporanea

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Traditional Italian dishes with particular attention to Campania.Stadera offers a menu that is divided between the offer 'from gastronomy' (where you can also take away) and 'from the kitchen', traditional Italian dishes (such as meatballs, parmigiana, veal tuna) with particular attention to the Campania region where the chef Aldo Ritrovato comes from (buffalo mozzarella is really good, delicious both the friggitelli and the spaghettoni alla Nerano).A genuine, tasty cuisine that brings the memory back to our childhood (the parmigiana is like the one that my grandmother used to prepare) but that also aims to add a bit of inspiration and novelty (as in the tartare alla puttanesca or in the reinterpretation of the classic babà with cream and red fruits).Very nice and pleasant environment and fun background music, strictly Italian songs from the 60s to nowadays, which leads you to imagine living a moment suspended in time for a while.1. Spaghettone alla Nerano2. Interior3. Vitello Tonnato4. Gastronomy corner5. Friggitelli6. Parmesan 7. Tartare alla puttanesca (tomato, capers, olives, oregano and chilli)8. Baba with cream and red fruits

Campania-inspired cuisine, traditional dishes, and Italian songs from the 60s

Largo della Crocetta, 1, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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