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Barcelona, Spain

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Casual ramen restaurant, specializing not only in ramen, but also in shoronpos. Shoronpo is a place that already existed in the past, but it closed and has now returned with the same chef from before, Keita Tanaka, serving the same recipes from before, and you can tell from how packed the place was, people in Barcelona missed this place very much. First of all we liked the design and the general vibe of this place, packed with energy and just very casual. Focusing on the food, we had the following: * Shoyu Ramen. * Tantanmen Ramen. * Shoronpo. We haven’t had many ramens in Spain, but out of the ones we had these were one of the better ones we had without a doubt, just super tasty. So, if you crave some good ramen, this is definitely the place for you.

Carrer del Dr. Rizal, 20, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

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