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Imren Grill

Berlin, Germany

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Imren Grill

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Best kebab in Berlin? Best kebab in Berlin? Imren might well be fit for the title at the location in Kreuzberg at Boppstrasse 10, with a busy dining room and a few benches outside. Go for the Döner mit brot with all the sauces, thinly shaved, greasy kebab meat served in a crispy house baked bread with fresh salad. Add a pizza-like lahmacun to share, a bowl of hot lentil soup and a glass of ayran – that salty yoghurt beverage, and some black tea. The other kebab option is the dürüm flat bread roll, which makes a slightly meatier and juicier kebab, minus the crispy bread. There’s plenty of other options, like the adana kebab with grilled skewered minced meat and some sweet Turkish cakes.

The best kebab place in Berlin. Döner mit brot, adana and lahmacun

Boppstraße 10, 10967 Berlin, Germany

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