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Paris, France

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The extraordinary Fulvio (as magical as the Sardinian version of Harry Potter's Hagrid) is worth the trip to his tiny pasta restaurant in the heart of the Marais. Since 1989, his pasta is al dente and drowned in so many various sauces (around forty in total, including carbonara, bolognese, truffle cream and bottarga). Trust me on this one : these pasta dishes have very few equals in Paris. There's nothing exceptional about the place, but it seems to stand the test of time. Anyway, Fulvio doesn't pretend to become a trendy place: "I don't have the look or the age to do something trendy" he says. Another thing you need to know is that VIPs come here in droves. Actors, musicians, sportsmen and politicians from France and abroad regularly meet here. Including chef Alain Ducasse (twenty Michelin stars in total). He quickly became a regular, and one day, chef Ducasse told Fulvio a phrase that still echoes between the stone walls of his restaurant: "There's no other like you."

4 Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris, France

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