Exit Pastificio Urbano

Milan, Italy

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A single product restaurant, completely dedicated to pasta opened by Mathias Perdomo and Simon Press late 2020. The third spot opened by creative chef Mathias Perdomo and his strong partner Simon Press, at the end of 2020 completely dedicated to pasta and its declinations throughout Italy.Pasta is approached as an ingredient not only as a course within a menu. The techniques, the handwork of making every single cappelletto or raviolo, the different seasoning according to the market, and the study of every single Italian region is incredible. Young Arianna Consiglio, a Sicilian soul and still not even in her 30s is doing a great job combining rich taste, elegance in the final results and a good variety of hyper local and innovative recipes. Arianna has a true passion for Exit Pastificio, devoted to the process of educating people in eating pasta in a different and not standardized way. Unmissable plin with sugo arrosto, fusilloni and tarte tatin.The combination of three or five dishes offers a wide spectrum of the menu and for this tasting approach, the bar suggests a possible cocktail pairing with low abv recipes, fermented drinks and Italian and international spirits.

Via Orti, Via Curtatone, 24, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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