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direkte boqueria

Barcelona, Spain

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direkte boqueria

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Thrilling, fine dining level small dishes from the market stalls of the Boqueria.One of few places in Barcelona that gives you close-up access to the chefs and their work. Arnau Muñío was formerly head chef at Comerc 24, with various stints at other top-end places, before finding himself this cute little spot on the fringes of the Boqueria market. He offers a short tasting menu and a longer, Boqueria tasting menu, both of which shine a light on whatever is in season. Sit back, enjoy the show and the chatter - Muñío is quite happy interacting with guests, as is the small team of precise chefs that help execute some truly outstanding food. Highlights on this visit being a spectacular pumpkin wanton in escudella broth, raw scallops topped with a camagroc mushroom garum and a bowl of chawan mushi with erizo and uncooked, thinly sliced baby okra, and a sublimey runny macha cheesecake. With just 8 covers at the bar, and another 8 on an intimate terrace outside, scoring a table isn’t easy. But it’s well worth the pursuit. Expect to spend around €135 for the long tasting menu with an excellent wine pairing.

Catalan-Asian fusion inside the Boqueria market by chef Arnau Munio

C/ de les Cabres, 13, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

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