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Cocina Hermanos Torres

Barcelona, Spain

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Cocina Hermanos Torres

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I think it’s fair to say that Cocina Hermanos Torres is a classic modern 3 Michelin star restaurant with everything that this entails. I think I have mentioned techniques and elaborated presentations more times in this piece than I have in my last 5 put together. It is however not just about techniques. The flavors are great as they should be and it’s all underpinned by great service. Lately, I have been annoyed when tasting menus last for +4 hours which is a very long time unless it’s +20 dishes. Here it was about 3 hours and not once did I think to myself “it's been a while since the last dish” which is exactly how it should be.

Carrer del Taquígraf Serra, 20, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

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