Bar Bozza

Rome, Italy

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Natural wine and punk will never die! From a printing shop to a wine bar, is not a fairy tail, it’s Bar Bozza! Located close to the Law Department of a roman univeristy you will find an amazing corner of happiness for your thirst of natural wine. Bar Bozza just opened one year ago in Ostiense and this new born was a breath of fresh air in the urban hood of Ostiense.You’ll be guide by Cecilia and Mauro, choose the right wine for you will be very easy and you’ll be fascinated by their selection from all around the world.Fabio, the chef, with his global experience prepares great dishes to satisfy your hunger and create a perfect combination with their wines. Funky, a little bit punk and time will flies whit them, for sure, you’ll be amazed by the informal and warm atmosphere that Bar Bozza perfeclty create! Cheers up and stay Bozza!

Via Giulio Rocco, 27, 00154 Roma RM, Italy

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