Frequently Asked Questions


What is World of Mouth?

World of Mouth is an independent restaurant guide powered by a global community of culinary experts. Together we are building the world’s best restaurant guide that's genuinely up to date, and gives recommendations to every taste, mood, and wallet. Our mission is to connect passionate foodies with inspiring restaurants.

World of Mouth is for people who care about food and want to know the places right now, in their hometown and every place they visit. Does this mean fine dining, trendy new openings, wine bars or street food? All of them.

What's the problem with current guides?

The noise of innumerable online reviews and the manipulation of paid sponsorships make it hard to find trustworthy guides on where to dine. World of Mouth removes the effort of sifting through ratings by providing recommendations from the world’s most trusted experts.

What kind of restaurants should I add to my recommendations?

Our focus is on the great places you’d recommend to a friend. Add anything from a white tablecloth joint to a hot dog cart that you genuinely think is worth visiting. Read our community guidelines and tips for creating a good recommendation here.

How much is WoM subscription?

WoM Guides are priced at €4.90 per guide/month, while WoM Membership is priced at €99 per year (Europe; for other regions, check the app store).

One of our core principles has always been to stay independent and ad-free. Your support helps us meet the needs of our members and continue building the world's best restaurant guide.

What is WoM Membership?

By joining WoM as a member, you have access to a constantly evolving, always up-to-date network of fellow food lovers and unrivaled content which spans the global food scene. Members get access to everything, including WoM Guides and all the expert recommendations for 1500+ cities. Currently World of Mouth houses over 5000 recommendations from over 500 experts, with a growing community adding content daily. You can also share your own recommendations, create guides and collections of restaurants, and save places you want to visit on your wishlist for easy planning.

What are WoM Guides?

WoM Guides to destinations from Copenhagen and Stockholm to New York and London detail the very best places to eat in each city. They are highly curated eating & drinking guides consisting of 40-70 restaurant recommendations, divided into categories from street food and new openings, to wine bars and fine dining restaurants. To offer you a true taste of each city, the guides also feature an invaluable rundown of the must eat local dishes, and where to find them.

By 2025, World of Mouth will have highly curated eating and drinking guides to most major destinations. Find our current destinations here.

What are your terms of use?

To learn more about our terms of service, click here.

What is your privacy policy?

To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.


How do I add a recommendation?

To add a new restaurant recommendation, click on the “Add recommendation” button at the top right-hand corner in the feed. Enter the name of the restaurant and select from the drop-down menu. You are now ready to write your recommendation.

I can't find a restaurant I want to recommend from the Search. What to do?

Try to add the location (city) in the search after the name of the restaurant. If the restaurant still doesn't appear, it is because the restaurant search is provided by a third operator and is limited to businesses registered on Google. We are working on this in order to get all the hidden spots on the World of Mouth map too.

How do I reset my password?

Click the log-in button and open “Forgot password?” to change your password.

World of Mouth experts

How can I become an expert?

Are you interested in being an expert or want to suggest someone? Reach out to Kenneth at

Who are the experts?

They are chefs, food writers and other culinary experts who know about great food and restaurant experiences. We've built a community of over 500 carefully selected experts in over 500 cities around the world. Experts can be identified by the blue fork icon next to their name. Meet some of our experts here.