WoM Plus – Frequently Asked Questions

What is WoM Plus?

WoM Plus is a new city-based restaurant lover's club. We want to connect inspiring restaurants with people who love dining out, upgrading restaurant experiences with small surprises and enhancing the communication between restaurants and customers. Our goal is to create a unique service that is of high quality and a genuine win-win for all.

Why did we create it?

Our mission is to give inspiring restaurants the visibility they deserve. With WoM Plus, we want to take it a step further and connect restaurants with customers. One example: we feel that as great a restaurant city as Helsinki already is, it is lagging behind many others. There are a lot of great restaurants in the city but many of them are mostly visited on Fridays and Saturdays. We want to encourage people to visit great places more often, also during the week.

What is the WoM Plus pilot?

We’re piloting WoM Plus in Helsinki this March and April to refine the concept before launching to the public and eventually, expanding globally. We are aware that there will be a steep learning curve for everyone involved. We want to improve the service every day and are grateful for honest feedback, good and bad. But we hope that even with some hits and misses we are able to provide you with something that makes the pilot worthwhile. 

What do I get with WoM Plus?

During the pilot period, we will be testing various benefits including special dishes and upgrades at Plus restaurants, news and events communicated from the local restaurant scene, an invitation to one member-only event, and access to a restaurant concierge, where World of Mouth co-founders Saku Tuominen and Kenneth Nars will help you with restaurant recommendations to Helsinki or your next trip abroad.

Where can I see what benefits restaurants are offering?

You can see each restaurant’s benefits by either opening a Plus restaurant in the app and clicking the “Plus” icon under the image, or directly by opening the restaurant in the WoM Plus section of the app. Please note that in many restaurants, benefits might change from day-to-day.

Why are some benefits vague?

Many restaurants want to provide genuine surprises and superb hospitality for WoM Plus members. ​​Benefits may vary based on ingredients, tastes, orders, preferences, etc., ensuring they feel meaningful and valuable.

How do I use WoM Plus benefits?

  1. Find the WoM Plus restaurant you want to book in the app.
  2. Click the "Book your Plus table" button.
  3. Click the "Copy the code and continue button"
  4. Paste your Plus code into the comment field of the reservation form and complete your booking normally.

It's easier than it sounds.

What should I do if I forget to add my Plus code when booking?

In this case, show your WoM Plus card from your phone when arriving at the restaurant. The experience might not be as smooth as already including it in your reservation (even though it should be – but this is a pilot).

What if I am a “walk in” without a reservation?

See above. Please show your WoM Plus card when arriving. 

Can I enjoy WoM Plus benefits with friends?

We have a +1 policy. The WoM Plus benefit is for you and up to one friend. 

Can I use the benefits even if I don’t eat?

Nope. We don’t want to bankrupt restaurants, so the benefits are only valid while eating. 

How will WoM and restaurants communicate with me?

For now, through newsletters and notifications (please enable them in the app). In a few weeks, we will launch an in-app communication channel. 

How does the WoM Concierge work?

You can message the concierge on Whatsapp at +358465239625 and our co-founders (and restaurant connoisseurs) Saku Tuominen and Kenneth Nars will get back to you within 24 hours. You can ask for e.g. restaurant recommendations for a special occasion or tips for where to eat in Rome. We can unfortunately not book tables for you. 

How are Plus restaurants selected?

Any expert recommended restaurant in WoM can upgrade itself to a WoM Plus restaurant. In order to keep the quality high and the process transparent, you cannot buy your way in. 

Can I propose new restaurants?

Yes please. But at least for now, they need to be expert-recommended in the app to be eligible for WoM Plus to guarantee quality.

Will WoM Plus expand to other cities?

Yes, that’s our goal. But first, we will refine the concept in Helsinki based on your feedback. 

Can I submit improvement ideas and feature requests?

Please do. We would love that. You can do so either on WhatsApp at +358465239625 or through email at info@worldofmouth.app

Can I book for someone else?

The Plus benefits are personal, so only for you and your +1.