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One hidden gem in Tallinn that I highly recommend is The Kurze. This unique restaurant specializes in Dagestani cuisine, authentically prepared by native Dagestani people. Located in a rather dodgy area of town, visiting The Kurze adds an element of adventure to your dining experience. The restaurant’s name, "Kurze," refers to the Dagestani version of pelmeni (dumplings), but with a playful twist: if you call them pelmeni, you might end up paying double. This fun rule reflects the lively and welcoming character of the place. Besides their delicious kurze, The Kurze also incorporates some classic dishes from Georgian cuisine. Their khachapuri, a traditional Georgian cheese bread, is a must-try and perfectly complements their menu. The eclectic interior and unique menu make The Kurze a real standout spot.

Kopli 23, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

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