Sushi Ishiyama

Tokyo, Japan

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Sushiya run by the talented chef Takao Ishiyama, who learned with chefs like Shinji Kanesaka and Takashi Saito.Don’t be fooled by the young age of Takao (39 years), he had already worked for 15 years at Kanesaka and another 5 years managing Sushi Ya, a sister restaurant of Kanesaka, before opening this place in Ginza. The atmosphere of this place is very special, and it’s hypnotizing to watch how laser focused the chef is while preparing every nigiri.Some of the dishes we had during the omakase that was 25 courses long, were:* O Toro.* Shirauo (Ice Fish).* Shirako.* Hirame.* Kohada.* Chu Toro.* Kuruma ebi.* Kawahagi and its liver.* Bafun uni from Hokkaido.* Hamaguri.

Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 3-chōme−3−6 森田ビル 4F

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