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You know that Spain loves ham and lives for fish, but man, they really know how to cook a steak. This is a chuleta, a rib-eye cut from a Rubia cow from Galicia, probably the finest beef in Europe and almost certainly the best in Spain. It’s been cut from the side to order and grilled over almond wood coals, and it is absolutely extraordinary shared with friends on a summer night under the stars at Ses Coves on Mallorca. And did you know sea cucumber was eaten in Spain? I was only dimly aware of it being savoured much outside China, but here it is in Mallorca, fried slivers of espardeña, hot and very tasty, on a tartare of red prawns at the extraordinary “cafe and grill”. What a remarkable place.

Coves de, Camí de Ses Coves, s/n, 07310 Campanet, Illes Balears, Spain

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