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Speakeasy style cocktail bar offering a tasting menu of food paired with cocktails. This place starts with a tasting menu format where they serve several dishes paired with low alcohol cocktails (that’s why they mostly use wine glasses, because alcohol wise it’s more similar to a wine pairing) and then later in the night it transitions to a regular cocktail bar. First of all, we absolutely loved the space, kind of hidden away, almost feeling clandestine behind a small door and getting into a space which in the past used to be the “lab” where only the staff would go in, and now has transformed into this super cool cocktail bar offering a quite unique concept. We loved all the cocktails by themselves, but even more as a pairing with the different dishes, and the food was nice as well, generally speaking offering really good produce, good in a simple and delicious way. Now, let us show you what we mean: * Clams opened with “manzanilla” sherry, and a reduction of its juice with garlic, parsley & lemon. * “Pangea”: Rhum Havana 3, clarified Galician fig & southern wormwood. * Grilled Prawn from Andratx. * Prawn from Andratx, low temperature poached egg & chanterelles. * “Blanco evo”: Matusalén 23 washed with gee, conference pear, cava & Mediterrenean herbs. * Quail with a Mallorcan orange pickle. * “Ganju”: Tom Clumsies gin, clementine re distillate, clementine juice, black clementine cordial & elder kombucha. * Ensaimada sandwich (from Can Joan de s’Aigo) with pear and chestnut cream. * “Martin Fierro”: gin, quine and “mahonés” cheese. We totally loved the experience as a whole, we think it was a lot of fun, a great vibe, and on one side when focusing on the place as a cocktail bar, it becomes our favorite on the island for sure, and the food is also actually very nice, the produce is top notch quality (the prawns are some of the best we had in all of 2023), and we actually ate better here than in many restaurants on the island up to the point that we would come back even if it’s just for the food.

Pg. de Mallorca, 14A, Centre, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

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