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The most fun I have had over lunch in a long time...and at just €50 per person, I Chianti-ven believe it! Is a trip to Tuscany complete without diving face first into a primal plating of Bistecca alla Fiorentina? I think not. So we skipped on over to Officina at the legendary Dario Cecchini Macellaio to get our Florentine fill (and then some). Frequently cited as being the world's most famous butcher, Dario Cecchini carries a global reputation for championing all things cow, including how to best carve the animal and maximise deliciousness with minimal waste. An eighth generation butcher, his passion for meat and the culinary traditions of his homeland, as well as his colourful personality, have placed him squarely in the spotlight and led to him opening several restaurants in Panzano solely dedicated to extolling the virtues of Tuscan cooking, largely centring around great slabs of carefully sourced protein. We arrived on time for our reservation and were warmly greeted on the pavement outside with tumblers of red wine and a side of Tuscan bread carrying a delicious smear of 'Chianti butter' - i.e. lard mixed with herbs and seasoning. In our own time we made our way upstairs and embarked on a long and leisurely multi-course meat feast that well and truly celebrated the art of butchery and the beauty of the beast. We did indeed pay our respects to the mighty Bistecca alla Fiorentina but were also introduced to some lesser known cuts, namely Etrusco, Panzanese & beef belly. It didn't stop there: tartare, carpaccio and a parade of sides also found their way onto our table; as did a seemingly bottomless bottle of Chianti from Cecchini's own vines. Tutto incluso. What an experience! Nothing fancy, just good meat cooked well and served on communal tables by a friendly team coupled with a festive atmosphere. It was the most fun I have had over lunch in a long time...and at just €50 per person, I Chianti-ven believe it. Next time you find yourself in the region, you know what to do!

Via XX Luglio, 11, 50022 Panzano In Chianti FI, Italy

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