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The name itself says it all, "omakase" means "you do it’’: what Francesco Preite does around the elegant counter of Moi Omakase. He’s the first Italian itamae, a sushi chef who, enamored with the culture of the Rising Sun where he went driven by a passion for cutting weapons that later became a passion for kitchen knives and, inevitably, for cooking itself. He is now a master of technique, of aesthetics, of the ingredient on which he does not compromise in terms of quality and characteristics suited to his dishes. Relying on the chef you decide to embark on an unprecedented journey that will make you forget you are just a stone's throw from the Emperor's Castle in Prato, although there is no shortage of local excellence. Twenty tastings that enhance the catch of places near and far - scallops from Hokkaidō prefecture, wild salmon from Alaska, amberjack from the Adriatic - meticulously explained by Francesco, who establishes a connection with the ten diners as they discover techniques and ingredients of Japanese cuisine - such as unpasteurized artisanal soy sauce, dashi, gari and fresh wasabi - chat, feel at home and sip sake and natural wines.

Viale Piave, 10/14, 59100 Prato PO, Italy

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