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Tokyo, Japan

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Peruvian food with Japanese ingredients.Japan is widely known for having the best ingredients in the world and when paired with the creativity of Virgilio and head chef Santiago the combination is impressive. 80% of the ingredients are sourced directly from Japan while signature ingredients are still imported from Peru. Adapting a vision of a restaurant to a new country cannot be easy but the transition is well managed. On the menu there are naturally some dishes that are more Japanese than others and having lived 3 years in Peru I was of course nostalgic about the dishes with the strongest Peruvian flavors. Hence they impressed me the most. The menu does also stand on its own without trying to be a copy of Central but a creative Peruvian restaurant in Japan. It’s succeeds with that vision so next time I will be in Japan I will surely return.

Japan, 〒102-0094 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kioichō, 1−1−3 東京ガーデンテラス 3F

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