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Los Felix, Miami: A Star Is Born in the World of Tacos In the heart of Miami, Chef Sebastian and his dedicated team are ushering in a new era of Mexican cuisine at Los Felix. Each dish speaks of dedication: from corn tortillas made meticulously from scratch to tacos that are as flavorful as they are heartwarming. Beyond the food, Los Felix radiates warmth, seen in genuine ingredients, palpable camaraderie, and a soundtrack that sets the perfect mood. It's a place where every element, culinary or otherwise, is curated with love and precision. Having had the privilege to work alongside Sebastian at Fäviken in Sweden a few yeas ago, I've seen his unwavering commitment firsthand. His recent accolade, a well-deserved Michelin star, is testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. And while this is a significant achievement, it feels like just the beginning for Sebastian. With his talent and techniques, the future holds even more culinary wonders at Los Felix. Miami, and the world, should be excited.

3413 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133, USA

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