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This restaurant located in a small alley, hence the name “kaleja”, and serves seasonal ingredients using mainly but not exclusively the “candela”. Dani Carnero, the chef of the restaurant, has worked at Martin Berasategui and El Bulli among others in the past before returning to Málaga and having his own restaurants. At Kaleja, you have two spaces, the dining room and then a counter around the kitchen. We did the mistake of eating at the dining room because we didn’t know they have a counter, and this mistake already made the dinner a lot less exciting then what it could’ve been. Focusing on the food, you have two tasting menus to choose from, and the food is based on seasonal products, and not using too many ingredients for the same dish. We went for the long menu and some of our favorites were: * Yesterdays “boquerón” (anchovy), todays “escabeche” (pickled sauce). * Tomato, avocado and quince. * Steamed foie and “salpicón” water. * Raw squid in black butter. * Summer stew: bonito, “piparra” (green pepper) and nasturtium. * Cod tripe with “sofrito”, chocolate and leeks. * Hare ravioli and bone marrow bolognese. * Red mullet and quinoa. * Red peppers grilled over the Candela. * Aniseed and manzanilla ice cream in a manzanilla and celery soup. Overall a solid meal, we enjoyed some dishes more than others and have to return but seating at the counter. The cod tripe dish was the one that blew us away that night, just amazing.

C. Marquesa de Moya, 9, Distrito Centro, 29015 Málaga, Spain

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