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Unforgettable view over the bay of Naples, refined Italian cuisine and also flavors and techniques from abroad In this brilliant Michelin star, the George Restaurant in Naples, led by the chef Domenico Candela, you can literally taste the heart of Naples (from tomatoes to the final coffee prepared with the 'cuccumella' directly at the table) admiring its beauty from above and, at the same time, the view is lost beyond the sea, beyond our borders, to begin a journey of elegant contamination of Neapolitan and Mediterranean cuisine with distant lands. The chef's intent is in fact to combine emotions and memories of his travels with the discipline and refinement acquired in his previous experiences, such as the one in France in particular. A journey through well-known flavors that reopen the drawers of the memory of many of us Italians (such as spaghetti with cherry tomatoes) and some flavors and techniques that come from afar (like the crab claw dashi added to the scampi, the apriboshi, an original and local version of the umeboshi where Apricots from Vesuvius are used instead of plums or the delicate curry sauce that embellishes the slice of St. Peter's). Pairing with Mata Rosè, a classic method based on Aglianico from Villa Matilde. . 1. Pomod'oro: spaghettone of Gragnano IGP creamed with 7 different qualities and textures of Campania tomatoes, with a maltodextrin base with EVO oil 2. Millefeuille of brick dough and Cardoncelli mushrooms, apricotboshi (Pellecchiella variety), pecorino cream, fermented porcini mushroom sauce and bay leaf 3. Tyrrhenian Sea shrimp grilled with Binchotan charcoal, shallot cooked with salt, limequat, warm claw dashi and juniper oil 4. Linguine cooked in extraction of red mullet, tamarind acidic gel and nori seaweed 6. Gulf 870... up to 7517 km (870 are the square meters of the total area of the Gulf of Naples, the 7517 km are the length of the Indian coast, a journey between the two countries represented in the dish with San Pietro fish, carrots marinated in vermouth 721, bitter orange cream and Madras Curry sauce 7. Coffee Vittorio Emanuele, 135, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy

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