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Santi Taura bases all his dishes on traditional Mallorcan recipes. One of our top 3 restaurants on Mallorca. This is one of our top 3 restaurants on the island, and we visit it every year at least once, and this was the first time we’ve visited it since they were awarded with the star, and as always, the food was amazing, and the experience at the counter is always super fun, with a perfect service, and nice explanations of the dishes by Santi Taura. There are certain classics which have been present since our first visit, and then there is another part of the menu which changes on every visit. Santi Taura bases all his dishes on traditional Mallorcan recipes but always with his personal touch or view on the recipe. Some of our favorites of the night were: * Prawns, rabbit and artichoke. * “Sopes mallorquines” with egg. * Cod, tripe, allioli foam and potato croutons. * “Potera” squid “cala figuera” style. * Mallorcan black suckling pig with potato “buñuelos”. * “Llet encallada”. * “Drácula” ice. As said, another fantastic meal, and this time together with a great time at their hotel “El Llorenç”, which we also highly recommend!

Plaça de Llorenç Villalonga, 4, Centre, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

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