June 29, 2023

Episode 07: Virgilio Martinez from Central in Lima, Peru

Virgilio Martinez is the chef and founder of restaurant Central in Lima, Peru. During his 22 years working in restaurants, Martinez has created a culinary movement through his use and research of the ingredients and the culinary culture of Peru. His work has played an important part in spreading the Peruvian cuisine around the world, and this has made him one of the most recognized chefs of our times. In June 2023 Central was awarded the No 1 position in The World's 50 Best Restaurant voting, making it the best restaurant in the world.

Through his cuisine, Virgilio Martinez has also highlighted Peruvian biodiversity and the importance of the social and ecological environments, highlighting the nature and the indigenous Peruvian ingredients from the Pacific coast to the Andes and Amazonian jungles.

We will hear about Virgilio Martinez' journey, about how he as a young man left a politically unstable Peru to travel the world, returning after 12 years and dedicating himself to search for his Peruvian culinary roots and finding a way to present those flavours in his restaurant. He will also tell us the secret of how to combine family life in a marriage between two well known chefs, as his wife Pia Leon is also in the restaurant business. At the end of our talk he will reveal his favourite restaurant recommendations in Peru, Mexico and out in the world - you'll also find these places in our podcast notes.

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