June 8, 2023

Episode 04: Rodolfo Guzmán, restaurant Boragó in Santiago, Chile

Rodolfo Guzmán is the Chilean chef who became the voice of his country’s cuisine. After his chef’s training in Spain’s Basque country at restaurant Mugaritz, he opened his own restaurant, Boragó, in 2006, where he has dedicated his work on expressing the Chilean terroir, produce and flavours. Today, Boragó has a community of small producers and foragers supplying the restaurant with the essential ingredients from the Chilean seashores, land and mountains. After many years or hard work, Rodolfo Guzmán has put both his restaurant and Chile on the culinary world map and has earned a place in the 50 best restaurants ranking.

⁠We will hear about the rise of Guzmán’s restaurant, about the difficult years when the restaurant almost ceased to exist, and the breakthrough that paved the way to Boragó’s global fame. At the end of the episode Rodolfo Guzmán will reveal his favourite restaurants in Chile, Santiago, London and in the rest of the world.

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