August 24, 2023

Episode 15: Nuno Mendes from Lisboeta in London

Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes has devoted his life to his passion for food and travel . He founded the ground-breaking concept The Loft Project in London, and his passion for food and immersive dining experiences has been evident in all his successful London restaurants, like Viajante, Taberna do Mercado and Mãos. A few years ago he opened Lisboeta, serving his versions of the most iconic dishes from Lisbon. In this podcast Nuno Mendes will tell us about himself and his journey that’s made him one of the most famous Portuguese chefs globally and he’ll reveal his favourite restaurant recommendations in Lisbon, London and the rest of the world.

All of the recommendations mentioned in this podcast and thousands more are available for free in the World of Mouth app.

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