August 10, 2023




Gaggan Anand from Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand

Gaggan Anand is the chef and owner restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand. Anand was born in Kolkata, India and had initially planned to become a drummer in a rock band.

After working with catering he moved to Bangkok, focusing on contemporary Indian cuisine. He was the first Indian chef to intern with Ferran Adrià at restaurant el Bulli. After opening Gaggan in 2010 the restaurant has repeatedly been on the The World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Gaggan was also featured in the Netflix series Chef's Table.

We meet Gaggan at his Bangkok restaurant office, that doubles as a drum studio, where he will tell us about his ongoing journey that has made him the most famous Indian chef globally. At the end of our talk he will reveal his favourite restaurant recommendations in India, Bangkok and out in the world.

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