The World of Mouth Global Culinary Report spotlights the best of 2023 in restaurants and travel.

Which are the most loved destinations to travel and eat for the most trusted expert chefs and food writers in the world? What happened in the global restaurant scene and in which direction are we going when it comes to our dining preferences and the trends around them during the past year? That is what we asked from our community of invited restaurant experts. The answers, collected from all the recommendation data in the World of Mouth app combined with both expert questionnaires and interviews, we decided to boil down into this Culinary Report. In this compilation of the restaurant trends and travel insights from 2023, the World of Mouth, the independent restaurant guide powered by a global community of culinary experts, presents the Global Culinary Report 2023.

This report features a list of the 10 Best Culinary Destinations around the world, 5 Special Awards, and also highlights on the culinary trends during 2023. The insights of this report presents a clear answer to the questions that millions of food lovers in the world ask every day: where should I eat?

Culinary Trends
Top 10 Destinations of 2023
Special Awards
Top 10 Most Wishlisted Restaurants of 2023
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