Sachin Obaid
Sachin Obaid
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Sachin Obaid

Founder of Gully Burger and Tiffin, two culinary concepts focusing on Indian-inspired cuisine and burgers in Berlin.

Updated on Apr 29, 2024 | World of Mouth team

Sachin Obaid is the founder of Tiffin, which delivers authentic Indian cuisine, and Gully Burger, an American diner-style restaurant infused with Indian flavours, both in Berlin. Sachin Obaid began his career in finance before starting a media agency called TookTook that focused on food & beverage clients. In his culinary concepts, he has blended his Indian culinary roots with international flavours in his restaurants with great success. Sachin Obaid is currently based in Valencia.

Please introduce yourself to our members.

My name is Sachin Obaid and I am the founder and creative force of Tiffin and Gully Burger, both acclaimed and much-loved culinary concepts that focus on Indian flavours. I started my career in finance and honed my skills in the financial hubs of New York and London with stints at UBS and Bank of America. I made my entrepreneurial transition by combining my passion for food and media and starting TookTook. TookTook is a creative media agency and production studio that works with F&B and tech clients. I also created and produced Food Stories, a mini web series, which aired on VICE Munchies.

Beyond my ventures, I am extending my expertise to the startup ecosystem. I serve as an advisor to early-stage companies operating at the intersection of food and technology, contributing to the growth and success of innovative ventures in this dynamic space.

Tell us about your current project.

Gully Burger is my newest project. It brings together my Indian roots with my deep connections with America. It was those memories and experiences that inspired me to create a concept that is unique but yet so familiar. Combining classic American Diner food with Indian ingredients to create an explosion of flavours.

Tell us about the restaurant scene in your current city.

Valencia is predominately a city filled with Spanish restaurants and bars and on average has a very high quality thanks to local access to amazing produce. The seafood in particular is outstanding! Over the last couple years due to an influx of foreigners looking for a more chill alternative to Barcelona, there is a variety of new restaurants opening that are more global.

What are your three favorite restaurants in Valencia and why?

Toshi is something that is slightly under the radar due to the reserved nature of the folks running it but I think the food is incredibly creative. Using local produce with Japanese techniques is nothing new but there is something very personal about the way the components of each dish are put together. It’s tasty and elegant in unexpected ways.

Trinchera is a modern tapas bar that uses the best quality ingredients and they never disappoint. It is a tiny spot with a massive terrace, which makes it amazing when it’s sunny and Valencia is mostly sunny :)  

Fierro – Run by an Argentine couple that takes inspiration from Spain and Italy and mixing in ingredients from their home to create a single tasting menu that is thoughtful and delicious.

"I love a Spanish Tapas restaurant. For me it’s the perfect way of combining eating and hanging out."

What’s a new restaurant or hidden gem in Valencia that you think is doing great things?

Terra à Vins – It’s more of a wine bar than a restaurant but it’s my favourite hang out spot in Valencia. Pablo, who runs the place, is a gastro nerd. He keeps an amazing selection of champagne, cheese and conservas - canned foods. The conservas in particular are so top notch you could make a whole meal out of them!

What’s your favorite kind of restaurant and why?

I love a Spanish Tapas restaurant. For me it’s the perfect way of combining eating and hanging out. Sharing small plates and drinking your way through the afternoon!

What are your three favorite food cities and your favorite restaurants in those cities?

LimaCentral isn't just a meal; it's an experience. Expect to be surprised by innovative presentations and an explosion of flavors and textures that showcase the incredible variety of Peruvian ingredients. Maido is a vibrant exploration of the Nikkei cuisine, the exciting fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavours. This is with out a doubt one of the best dining experiences in the world! The concept at La Picanteria is simple: incredibly fresh seafood, expertly prepared. This is one spot in Lima that you should not miss!

LondonBibi. London has no shortage of amazing Indian Restaurants. It takes something special for a new Indian Restaurant to be noticed, let alone to be showered with acclaim. And this is exactly what Bibi has done. Hoppers is a popular London chain offering a vibrant and flavourful escape, and is a place I almost always visit when I am in London. Fallow is an all-day restaurant that has something for everyone. It uses seasonal ingredients and transforms "discarded" cuts into flavourful masterpieces.

New YorkPecking House elevates fried chicken to new heights. What truly sets Pecking House apart is the subtle hint of Sichuan spice. Thai Diner is my go-to casual spot when i visit NYC. The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere with a menu packed with classic and fusion dishes that will get your taste buds excited! Foxface Natural is a great choice for a fun and flavourful meal. The menu changes with the seasons, so you're always in for a surprise! They use interesting ingredients and cook them in creative ways.

What is your favorite dish and where is your favorite restaurant to have it?

I love a solid cheese burger. It is tough to pick a favourite restaurant because there are so many. But my favourite nostalgic spot is JG Melon on the upper east in NYC. Don't forget to order a bowl of chilli on the side, plus their Signature Bloody Mary - filled with vodka, beef broth and house made tomato juice mix, topped off with a lime. It is an instant hangover killer meal!

Who is an up-and-coming chef you are keeping an eye on?

Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz from OSA in Madrid.

Who is a food expert whose restaurant recommendations you’d like to see?

Nathan Thornburgh

Find Sachin Obaid on Instagram: @sachinobaid


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